I have called this series “Necessary Reflections”. I am interested in taking photographs, that convey multi layers of imagery and complexity but which are still contained in the same moment of photographic actuality/reality. The photos in GALLERY 1 are taken using a mirror placed in a specific landscape.

With this series, each photograph consists of a frame with-in a frame, an image within another image. While being separate images, they are, however, two views of the same locale and capture the same instant in time.
The total picture might encompass a wide geography, or feature a more intimate aspect, but it always captures two aspects of that one instant in which it was taken.

Secondly these images capture and celebrate the play of light.
Front light; backlight; reflected light; projected light, contrast and shadows.

Beyond the elements that tease the mind, these are also photographs which I hope will also to please the eye.


This series of images also feature reflections. In contrast to the "arranged" images created by the placing of the mirror in the "Necessary Reflections" series, these photographs are "found" images.

They were all found in window panes as I walked city streets. Again they feature multi layered images but record a single moment in time.

I have called this series "Stepping Out", and the frozen faces - often highly stylized, sometimes hauntingly realistic, of the shop window mannequins, mixed with the reality of the streetscapes creates an often ironic but visually pleasing single image.

As with the"Necessary Reflections" series they have not been digitally constructed or altered and are shown full frame.